Saturday, June 14, 2014

Welcome to Magical Mystery Knits!

Once upon a time, there was... a whole bunch of yarn.

Welcome, reader! I see you've stumbled your way to my little corner of the internets. Come in, take a seat-- relax! I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Amy Noelle Walker, and I am an avid knitter, crocheter, and designer. I've only been at this Yarncrafting business since about 2010, but the amount of love (*cough*obsession*cough*) that has erupted from this hobby has more than made up for lost time. 

A little bit of history: I got my start with knitting at my first job, at my local Michael's store. Every day I would walk past aisles and aisles of yarn, and at first, I didn't know what I was missing. I got curious, though, after Christmastime. The colors and possibilities and squishiness called to me: I wanted to learn how to make things with this grail of crafting, this Yarn. I could at least try it, and if it was too hard, if I couldn't do it or didn't like it, no loss.

So I checked a book out of the library, The Michael's Book of Needlecraft (I'm a brand-loyal type of person, if you hadn't guessed that yet), and with the help of Youtube's vast collection of video tutorials on every kind of stitch you could want, I attempted a few beginner projects.

I was instantly hooked, and my yarn collection quickly grew to fill a bag, then a box, then a laundry basket. And despite the rate of stash expansion, I was still churning out projects like there was no tomorrow. I've always loved making things, which is why I think I was drawn so much to knitting, a much more durable and useful art form than making crafts out of toilet paper rolls and things like that (which I had done avidly and loved since early childhood). But it wasn't until a couple years later, that I got bit by the designing bug.

I had taken notes on some of my improvised projects before (see The Watson Sweater Saga and Charity Baby Hat for examples) but Fellowship! the Shawl was my first real attempt at designing a professional-level pattern, and it was so fun and so satisfying and so (to my surprise) successful, that decided that designing was a hobby I could stick with.

I love the freedom that yarn affords, especially a brand-new, special skein that just begs to be made into something unique, inspired by the yarn itself. I love manifesting my love for certain books, tv shows, or movies in my special art form-- there really aren't enough fandom knits out there-- and I especially love being able to help others do the same.

So feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my designs or even knitting in general. I'd be delighted to help!

Thanks for dropping by!

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