Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Baggins... or Took? A new pattern is up!

I love versatility in patterns. I look for that quality in projects I make from other people's designs, and I try to create it in the patterns I make myself. This scarf has a two-pronged inspiration, manifesting in two ways to make the project: the prim and proper Baggins Cravat, or the long and swishy Took Scarf. 

Bagginses, you see, are respectable folk, dressing smartly, eating well, and-- most importantly-- staying at home. A Took, on the other hand, yearns for bigger things, wanting to see mountains and go places. Inspired by both sides of Bilbo Baggins’s genealogy, this pattern comes in two sizes. The cravat is for the Bagginses, emulating their sensibility and 19th-century dress style. The scarf is for the Tooks, harking back to adventures over mountains and into cold places, where you’ll need all the squishy alpaca warmth you can get!

The yarn used in this project (well, both of them) is Wonder Why Alpaca Farm's My Pedro, a gloriously soft blend of suri alpaca, merino wool, and bamboo, giving the yarn a sheen and drape that is perfect for a luxury scarf.

There will be a knit-along held here, in the Lord of the Rings group over on Ravelry. If you want to join in, drop by, ask a question, or just chat, that will be the place to be!

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