Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coming Soon: Rainbow Dash Lightning Scarf

I'm more than a little bit excited for this upcoming pattern-- it's another one inspired by a character from My Little Pony, this time featuring Rainbow Dash!

Dash has a really awesome color scheme-- sky blue with a fully-saturated rainbow-- so I'm glad I finally got to make a design that makes use of that, and a yarn that shows it off! (That would be Bernat Mosaic, a yarn I am now in love with for its long color stripes-- this entire scarf was made with only one colorway repeat of Psychedelic!)

This fully reversible keyhole scarf is inspired by that most adventurous (and Awesome!) mare, Rainbow Dash! The lightning bolt shape comes from her unique cutie mark, of a tri-colored bolt and white cloud. I’ve also included directions to crochet a cloud-shaped pin for embellishment. Since the scarf is knit entirely in garter stitch and each side has a keyhole, it is can be worn with either side looping through the other.

The pattern is in the testing stage now, so I'll be sure to update once the pattern is available for general consumption. :D

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