Monday, July 7, 2014

Multiplying Hexipuffs

Ok. I would say this is starting to get ridiculous, but I have actually seen completed hexipuff quilts on Ravelry, so I know that my collection is meager in comparison.

But seriously, I had forgotten how addicting these little puffs are to knit. I hadn't touched this project in years, but I sat down to make a new puff on a whim a couple days ago (because I had fun new sock yarn scraps, I think) and suddenly I have fifteen more.

These tiny projects-in-themselves are exactly what I have been craving to knit, apparently, because my other recent projects have all been long in the making (and especially long in the writing up-- yes, there are some new designs in the works, LotR and Pony fandoms ;) ). It was high time for some Instant Gratification. And a lot of it. 

The thing I really love about the idea for this quilt (besides the aforementioned instant-puff-gratification) is that it traces your yarn history, and fingering-weight tends to be especially significant and precious, at least in my stash. In this picture alone, you can see seventeen different yarns and colorways. I haven't linked them all on my project page because that would get messy by project's end, but I can detail some of them here. The yellow-and-blue stripey ones were from a skein dyed for me by a friend for my birthday, and the brown-and-green one in the top right and the three yellow-and-red ones were from her shop. The dark blue tonal ones are leftovers from my Sherlock Cowl, from Knit Picks. And the purple-yellow-green-blue ones are a colorway called "Shire" that was one of (if not the first) hand-dyed, fancy wool purchase I made as a new knitter. The pink-and-purple one I won in a group giveaway back during my Nerd Wars days, and the dark blue sparkly ones are leftovers from my Luna Scarf. The white-and-blue one in the middle I remember tie-dying at another friend's birthday party. (Nothing says you're a nerd for knitting like bringing yarn to a shirt-dying party. XD)

So, anyway, I'm sure there will be more of these by the end of summer. They seem to breed like tribbles, which is at once awesome and also... disconcerting. Because we all know what happened once those critters got going... (And if you've never heard of a tribble, google it and hope that your hexipuff bucket fills as quickly, but not at the expense of your pantry.)

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